tranSkriptorium PrIx user interface
for the Chancery collection

Click here for an illustrated version of some of these guidelines.

  1. Introduction
  2. User interface guidelines
  3. Types of queries
  4. Query examples
    1. Single words
    2. Approximate and wildcard spellimg
    3. Compound queries: OR
    4. Compound queries: AND
    5. Compound queries: proximity AND
    6. Compound queries: NOT
    7. Compound queries: word sequences
    8. Compound queries: macros
    9. Mixed compound queries


This search interface provides textual access to the iconic "Trésor des Chartes" (or "Chancery") collection of manuscripts, which encompasses 83,000 page images reproducing the medieval registers produced by the French royal chancery. The registers date from 1302 to 1483 and are handwritten mainly in Latin, French and Spanish. While automatic transcription of medieval sources is notoriously difficult because of the greatly variable handwriting styles, this corpus is even more challenging because of its multilingual content and the large number of archaic and abbreviated words. In the HIMANIS project (2015-2017), this large image collection was made searchable through plain-text queries using Probabilisitic Indexing (PrIx) technology. The present search interface is a new and enhanced version of a prototype interface developped in HIMANIS for demonstration purposes.

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User interface guidelines

Types of queries

Query examples

Single words

Alexandro Henri Basilio Johannis Constantino Francisco Andreu Andres Alfons Alfonso Isabel Borbon Ferran Ricardus Richard Marco Marcus Roberto Robert Jorge George Loys Ludovico Karolo France Angleterre Normandie Bretagne Gasconia Flandres Alemaigne Espaigne Portugal Navarre Catalonia Castille Aragon Austria Londres Rome Milan Bruges Carcassonne Toulouse Vienna Valencia Valence

abbatia acousutme admorti amende bourgeois chambellant chambre decembre eglise enqueste monnoie monseigneur justice notaire civile champaigne chancelier especial estable fevrier octembre prevost relacion remettons septembre sergent subreptice vermendois sapiens

admortisatio anno appelatio aprilis augusti ballivi burgenses englie februrarii financia firmum gracia gratia honor inquisitio presentibus remissio septembris servientes speciali thesorarius universis vidimus viromendensis emanatus scriptor ballivi burgenses cambellanus

Approximate and wildcard spelling

  • castille~
  • Ysabelle~2
  • Constantin?
  • Jo*ann?s
  • Compound queries: OR

    Compound queries: AND

    Compound queries: proximity AND

  • Angleterre &5& France
  • Johannis &10& Ludovico &20& rex
  • Compound queries: NOT

    Compound queries: word sequences

    Compound queries: macros

    Mixed compound queries

    Click here for an illustrated version of some of these guidelines.